Dear visitor, welcome to the official website of the Egyptian Bazaar Tradesmen Social Assistance and Protection Association.

We would be honored to introduce the Egyptian Bazaar to you dear visitors briefly:

The Egyptian Bazaar is located in the Eminönü district of İstanbul, behind Yeni Mosque and adjacent to the Flower Market. One of the oldest covered bazaars in İstanbul, the Egyptian Bazaar was indeed founded with the intention of monetary assistance to Yeni Mosque during its construction. Initiated by Safiye Sultan, mother of Sultan Murat III., in 10 Muharram 1006 (1957), the construction was completed by Hatice Turhan Sultan, mother of Sultan Murat IV., after a long period of stagnation. The architects were Davut Aga and Mustafa Aga. The Egyptian Bazaar was lastly restored extensively by Directorate General of Foundations between 2013 and 2018.

Well-known for its herbalists, the Egyptian Bazaar offers traditional natural medicines, spices, flower seeds, roots and shells of rare plants along with dried nuts and fruits, deli products and various food products.

It is a giant-size bazaar where dried plants, assorted herbs and hundred kinds of spices, which all are known throughout history for the fact that they are good for what ails you, come together.While the world has just become acquainted with natural products Anatolia, raising great numbers of Luqmans the Wise so far, has already been distributing the healing power of plants through the Egyptian Bazaar for centuries.

Aimed at the ones who cannot put up with the diversion in “flavor and taste” caused by industrialization, “farm-made” or “farm-originating” cheeses, pastirma types – wind-dried beef –, sujuk and legumes are also exclusively offered in the bazaar. And the Egyptian Bazaar does not seem to be eager to lose this traditional characteristic anytime soon.

The Egyptian Bazaar is one the first places that spring to mind when it comes to the history of İstanbul and even Turkey itself. There is no other place that succeeded in preserving its atmosphere as it was in the very first day, its structure and energy. It is one of the center stages which foreign tourists in particular cannot bypass.

And we, as the Egyptian Bazaar Tradesmen Social Assistance and Protection Association, are the society who tries to preserve and perpetuate the legendary fame and atmosphere of this historical place.

Once more, we would be proud and honored to announce via this website that we will try more than our best to keep on our activities to let future generations witness and experience this history and to keep the Egyptian Bazaar legend alive for long ages.

The President of the Egyptian Bazaar Tradesmen Social Assistance and Protection Association,

Egyptian Bazaar Working Hours

Open: 08.00 Close: 19:30
Closed Days: 29 October and islamic religious holidays.