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What To Buy in The Egyption Bazaar ?

» Spices » Pashminas
» Dried Fruits  » Ceramics
» Nuts  » Leather or Kilim Bags
» Sweets and Candies  » Food (Cheese, pastırma honey, jam, etc)
» Turkish Delight  » Textiles
» Caviar » Costom flower essence blends
» Apple Tea » Backgamman and Chess sets

Lokum, also called Turkish Delight, is cubes of jellylike or gummy confection flavored with flower or fruitessences, filled with various nuts, and dusted with powdered sugar.

Turkish Apple Tea is the world’s first instant hot apple drink. It is a sweetened powder to be mixed with hot water and served in traditional tulip-shaped tiny glasses. You can also buy it in the conventional form that is boiled before serving.

Gold and Silver Jewelry is produced by a variety of centuries-old techniques, such as filigree, relief, embossing, inlaying or using precious Stones. All these beautiful modern and ancient jewelry pieces fill the Windows jewelry shops.


Sage,  Aniseed,  Rosemary,  Black Cumin,  Soapwort,  Bay leaf,  dill,  Mustard,  Nutmeg,  Linden,  Clove,  Thyme,  Cumin,  Henna,  Red pepper,   Paprika,  Coriander,  Rose hip,  Marjoram,  Mint,  Rocket leaf,  Saffron,  Orchis,  Sumach,  Cinnamon,  Cress,  Vanilla,  Allspice,  Ginger.