The Egyptian Bazaar, located within the Yeni Camii Complex, is an Ottoman classical style consisting of a combination of two bazaars with the feature of being the Double Bazaar. The Spice Bazaar, which covers an area of 6000 m², gives the plan “L”.

The construction of the New mosque first began in 1597. It was ordered by Safiye Sultan, who was the wife of Sultan Murad lll and the mother of Sultan Mehmed lll. The original architect was Davut Ağa, an apprentice to the great architect Sinan. However, Davut Ağa was executed in 1598 and was replaced by Dalgıç Ahmed Ağa.

When Sultan Ahmed l. Ascended to the throne in 1603, Safiye Sultan was sent to the Old Palace and the construction abandoned. The new Sultan had no interest in pursuing the Project, he rather wanted to build his own mosque opposite the Hagia Sophia.Turhan Hatice Sultan, mother of Sultan Mehmed lV. , wanted to complete the project as a work of piety, and she employed the imperial architect Mustafa Ağa to finish it in 1663.

The mosque has 66 domes and half-gomes in a pyramidal arrangement. The weight of the main dome is placed on four large piers and the dome is supported by four half-domes in four sides. The dome plan has actually been modeled from the plan of Sinan’s Şehzade Mosque.

The main section of the mosque is preceded by a courtyard which is surrounded by porticoes covered by 24 small domes. A Şadırvan (ablutional fountain) stands in the center, but is only decoration. The interior of the mosque is decorated with blue, green and White İznik tiles.

Egyptian Bazaar Working Hours

Open: 08.00 Close: 19:30
Closed Days: 29 October and islamic religious holidays.